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1965 Ford Mustang




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FEATURES: GT350 intake and throttle body, Custom Cold Air Box GT350 Oiling system Electric Water Pump KOOKS Headers to 3” custom exhaust MMR timing protection Stock 10 speed 10R80 Automatic Transmission (with Paddle Shift) Gear selection (P,R,N,D,S) done with servo controlled by knob on steering wheel STATUS: Carbon Fiber Seats and Harnesses Custom 15-gallon aluminum fuel cell MOTEC PDM CANBUS Keypad control System Modular dash/console system that allows adjustment of mounting locations (all custom billet mounts) Rear mounted Ron Davis Radiator Penske Coilover dampers at all 4 corners Tesla braking system Racing Brake GT350 Rotors w/GT350 Brembo Calipers (no ABS) Baja Designs LED headlights and Taillights with custom billet mounts CCW 12 X 18 Wheels on all 4 corners 315/30/18 Yokohama tires Custom Chromoly cage Body Steel-It coated (polyurethane based stainless-steel coating) Steel overt fenders – Heater core and a/c compressor – Another set of CCW wheels with 335 BFG Rivals – Tremec T-56 with sequential setup There are also a couple of “easter eggs” hidden in the software The buttons on the steering wheel do have functions and those functions change based on turning on the second fuel pump… Second fuel pump OFF and brake pedal depressed… the top two buttons will turn off the brake light on a given side… allowing you to use them as turn signals. Second fuel pump ON and those buttons operate solenoids that block off brake lines to allow the brake pedal to be used as a turning brake… Press the top right button and the only wheel that will brake when you press the pedal is the right rear. Left Button Left Rear… Both top buttons both rear wheels will brake but not the front… This feature was conceived to allow both hands to stay in position on the wheel when using the turning brake. Having used turning brakes for many many years off-road it was always less than ideal having to one hand the wheel with your left hand when obviously driving very aggressively at speed. Always wanted to do something like this this… finally did. The lower left button will block off both rear wheels and send brake force from the pedal to just the front wheels so it can be used like a line lock only better since you have much better release control. Seriously thank EVERYONE for the kind words. It’s quite the build I am beyond thrilled with the outcome…. It is absolutely a blast to drive… I have driven many things like an idiot around the industrial park it was built in… including a Trophy Truck….And I cannot get out of this car without the biggest smile on my face every time…and I don’t really smile a lot. I guess I am just more a collector of experiences than things so down the road it goes and on the to the next thing. (From the Builder) The car does not have a cage cert. In this case the car was not built with the intention of doing any wheel to wheel racing… For auto-X or HPDE events a cage/cert is not required… However, the cage is built to proper specs and I am beyond confident in it meeting SCCA requirements. I have had multiple cages certified by SCORE (for the Baja 500 and Baja 1000). The reason I put a cage in this car was for rigidity… These chassis very very soft… even in their stock form…putting this suspension and powertrain in that chassis without a cage; I’m pretty sure driven hard it could buckle the roof. No logbook either as it was only run in a handful of Auto-X events.

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